1. If you are replacing your existing door with a new one, you will no doubt have (...)
  2. Our Garaga Industrial dealers provide a continuous maintenance (...)
  3. There are three types: (...)
  4. So you’ve gotten to the step of choosing the type of glass for the (...)
  5. A ½ HP motor certainly enough for doors in the 8 ft. to 12 ft. (2.4 to 3.7 m) wide (...)
  6. Are you interested in giving a look of elegance and tradition to your (...)
  7. Garaga provides two types of lubricants to keep your garage door working smoothly.(...)
  8. H-Tech technical specifications (...)
  9. If you want to paint your front door or your windows, paint stores that carry any of the major brands (...)
  10. Garaga offers heavy-duty ThermaBlok™ weatherstripping that feature a screw cover (...)
  11. There are different lift types for commercial, (...)
  12. Does your old garage door need to be replaced by a new door, but you aren’t sure if you have enough space? Here is a practical solution.
  13. So you’re ready to buy your next garage door, and you’ve looked at information about Garaga products (...)
  14. Start by taking a look at and downloading our online Installation (...)
  15. Are you shopping for a new garage door? You’ve done some searching on (...)
  16. Winter has its own unique problems that can occasionally cause our garage door (...)
  17. Verify if the handles can move freely between section and top weatherstripping (...)
  18. Would you like to give a country style to your garage door? We have decorative (...)
  19. We can provide you with remote transmitters (...)
  20. Standard+ technical specifications (...)
  21. Clicking on the following link opens a PDF document containing (...)
  22. If you have an electric garage door opener, deactivate the system by pulling on the red cord attached to the trolley (...)
  23. You will find this information on the label affixed (...)
  24. California technical specifications (...)
  25. There are a few points to consider. First, we must be practical (...)
  26. Here is a reminder of some important dates and information: (...)
  27. There is a significant difference. If we think about our home, windows (...)
  28. If you are looking for maximum visibility, the models (...)
  29. Yes, indeed (...)
  30. So, in order to store your seasonal gear, are you planning to build a shed or (...)
  31. Novatech® has established itself as a leader in decorative stained (...)
  32. Top Tech technical specifications (...)
  33. The installation manual for each residential door model can be found under the (...)
  34. The accumulation of condensation will occur when water comes into contact with (...)
  35. It does happen, when a garage is very humid and in cold (...)
  36. A series of four videos created by a team of IDA and DASMA (...)
  37. Are you considering the addition of a garage to your home? Do you want it detached (...)
  38. Follow this link: https://www.myliftmaster.com/Login.aspx (...)
  39. All residential hardware is not the same. Here is the difference between (...)
  40. We offer a wide selection of decorative windows for garage doors (...)
  41. Torsion springs are located above the door and are safer and more suitable for double garage doors (14 ft. Wide & over) (...)
  42. YES… Depending on the desired application, you can have Satin (...)
  43. For a polished, decorative finish, our Decorative Inserts give a designer (...)
  44. Princeton, Eastman and Cambridge technical specifications (...)
  45. See our PDF
  46. Indeed, you can. Is it the case that when you had a GARAGA garage door installed a few months or years (...)
  47. We carry the full line of LiftMaster products (...)
  48. If you experience a malfunctioning of your garage door opener, (...)
  49. The serial number on a Garaga garage door is located in two places (...)
  50. Aluminum doors (injected with urethane, 1 ¾'' thick doors) offer (...)
  51. Garaga carries a wide selection of window models for garage (...)
  52. These are the most popular window models in (...)
  53. The required number of cycles is calculated by determining the average number (...)
  54. No. However there are certain Garaga dealers who provide this (...)
  55. Our Printing Process collection creates the impression of (...)
  56. We carry different types of high quality and effective bottom (...)
  57. See our PDF - Note that for an existing door, rather than taking (..)
  58. You will find valuable answers and safety tips at DASMA Safety Guideline (...)
  59. To begin with, it is important to understand that since (...)
  60. You ran into a problem with your garage door opener (...)
  61. The serial number is located on the plastic housing covering the opener (...)
  62. Are you leaning toward buying a wood garage door because of its look (...)
  63. This is one of the questions asked most often by homeowners (...)
  64. Here are the differences between the different types of lift available.
  65. The answer to this question lies in the size of the door and the extent to (...)
  66. For some specific uses of your commercial or industrial garage door, you could (...)
  67. For a more classic look, Orion windows blend with any style (...)
  68. Your garage door isn’t working very well. It’s making all sorts of (...)
  69. In order to install torsion-spring hardware, we recommend a clearance of 12 in (...)
  70. It often happens that the garage is below a room in a condo or apartment (...)
  71. Are you getting ready to build a detached garage in the (...)
  72. A program of Planned Preventive Maintenance will ensure (...)
  73. You must expand the interior frame of the door by the equivalent of (...)
  74. Are you considering the addition of a garage to your home? (...)
  75. Let’s approach this in 2 steps: first the window frame and then the glass (...)
  76. We can QUICKLY replace garage door sections (panels) (...)
  77. Ask the installer to provide you with the owner's manual for the door, (...)
  78. We carry a wide selection of replacement parts for residential or commercial (...)
  79. Garaga carries a wide choice of garage doors, including installation, (...)
  80. Completing your project with a Garaga garage door is a (...)
  81. The price of an installed garage door may vary depending on the materials (...)
  82. Is this an actual problem? Yes, it’s possible, although rare, for your garage door (...)
  83. Are you looking to bring some rustic, country charm to your (...)
  84. How to program accessories (...)
  85. For equivalent thicknesses, polyurethane has a higher thermal insulation (...)
  86. Are you considering the addition of a garage to your home? (...)
  87. Do you want to build a garage adjoining your new house, a backyard (...)
  88. New technology has made it possible to open and close your garage door from your smartphone. Sounds interesting? Let us clear up some of the details.
  89. First, Garaga would like you to take time to enjoy the beauty and performance (...)
  90. Whether for residential, commercial, industrial or agricultural (...)
  91. So that a garage door system works properly for many years, extensive (...)
  92. It depends of the use… Would you like to attached to your (...)
  93. It is very difficult to give an exact price as some variables need to be considered (...)
  94. In all cases, it is best to equip the door with an electric garage door (...)
  95. Do you have a carport that you would like to turn into a garage? (...)
  96. An energy-efficient thermopane window with LOW-E Argon means that during colder (...)
  97. No, not really. For greater sturdiness for your garage door and to extend its life, (...)
  98. The MyQ Garage was designed to work with the following brand of (...)
  99. Are you looking to bring some rustic, country charm to your garage door? We have the just the hardware items, reminiscent of wrought iron, to bring the look (...)
  100. Before we get down to talking about the price per square foot for a commercial (...)
  101. Whenever you are washing your car in the driveway, go ahead and take a pass at your garage door (...)
  102. We have a huge selection of hardware replacement parts (...)
  103. Definitely yes… and it’s proven. As your garage door is often 30 to 40% of your home’s façade, if it has (...)
  104. We carry several wireless exterior keypads (...)
  105. Trying to estimate a price for budget purposes is difficult because there (...)
  106. Your garage door is an important component of your home, and (...)
  107. Hinges come in different formats, sizes and thicknesses (...)
  108. Our garages have increasingly become an area to store almost (...)
  109. Exterior frame weatherstripping is an important item in weatherproofing a garage door. For this purpose, a double-lip weather strip (...)
  110. YES. Following an accident, if one section of your garage door was damaged, you (...)
  111. We carry different types of effective, high-performance perimeter weatherstripping for whatever type of (...)
  112. Increasingly, new homes are being built that have modern (...)
  113. If you decide to paint your Garaga door yourself, the following instructions outline how to do it (...)
  114. Rollers, hinges, and all moving hardware should be lubricated with a metal lubricant (...)
  115. Before getting started, it’s important to know that Garaga window frames (...)
  116. Triforce, Dualforce and Uniforce technical specifications (...)
  117. You have to get the opening ready and make sure that the size of the opening matches (...)
  118. Discovery Channel's “How It's Made” series aired an episode on how Garaga sectional doors are made (...)
  119. Although uncommon for garage doors, under certain specific (...)
  120. You’re building a garage. Be careful where you place your access door. Here is what to do.
  121. It all depends on the thickness of the steel. This particular point deserves special attention (...)
  122. Do you want to increase the perceived value of your home? You can add a (...)
  123. This spring system is located either above the garage door (...)
  124. Acadia 138 technical specifications (...)
  125. Here are the new corresponding GARAGA colours: (...)
  126. At the beginning of each season, give your door opener a checkup. First, make sure that (...)
  127. Are you building a new garage and wondering how to get the concrete door (...)
  128. More than just the size is different when comparing commercial garage doors to residential ones - it’s how they’re used. Here’s a closer look at the difference.

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